Transforming a business idea into marketable concept involves skill, creativity, attention to detail, and also – strategic planning and marketing, and willingness to take calculated risks. Great start-up business concepts begin very ordinary and can become very extraordinary if they attract the right people.

I enjoy forming joint-venture partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs who will operate them. Weekly I am asked to attend a meeting about some new business idea. I am thankful that over the years, of the thousands of meetings I have attended, I successfully own approximatly 20 companies as of Spring 2010.

I love to hear new ideas and new business opportunities. If you have a great idea, an invention, a business that needs investment funds or a great business opportunity that you would like to introduce me to, then I will meet you. However, you will have to do a few things first: I want to see a Portfolio of the business idea breaking down exactly what this idea actually is. I want to see it in blue pen. Or black. Just dont freak me out with pink. Anyways, I want to see your research on the idea. For instance, you want me to be a part of a Dunkin Donut franchise with you... Tell me how far the closest Dunkin Donuts is. Exactly. Tell me what other Dunkin Donuts have made annually. I hate attending a meeting that has so many open questions to it. That is wasting my time. And my time is worth alot of money. So if you want me to attend a meeting with you, do your homework and get ready to impress me.

To be honest, these days, I am usually the one calling the meetings. I have alot of companies and I dont really want to open up anymore. Right now my goals are pretty much the same in all of my companies: To educate my staff and work on the smoothness of all day to day operations within my office walls and outside them.

So again, Im not really looking to partner up with anymore GREAT IDEAS. However, I would never refuse a straight, low risk, easy to do, business opportunity to make alot of money especially if the my partners have a head on their shoulders, enjoy hard work and are goal orientated.

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